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Posted by UnknownFury - January 21st, 2013


Posted by UnknownFury - July 15th, 2009

Click and drag (Don't hold down too long as it comes out fast :P)
A to toggle colour
Enter to restart

What sort of FPS do you guys get? I know it won't be high but I'm getting some people in mid 20s but others down at 6-9. Also, general comments appreciated. I already have a clear idea of what I'm going to do with this but I'm still open for other ideas.

EDIT (18/07/09): I've deleted the file from STW for now but I'll be sticking it back up sooner or later, I just want to improve the FPS a bit first. I've ported the code into C++ and I'm getting a solid 30fps but I'm now working on speeding it up as much as I can with an increased canvas size.

Posted by UnknownFury - March 8th, 2009

UnknownFury.com finally on the verge of completion. If you want updates for when I start posting tutorials etc then post on here :)

Posted by UnknownFury - January 10th, 2009


Posted by UnknownFury - October 12th, 2008

Haven't made a post in a while, and since I'm still working on my site which will have all my news and stuff on I thought I would make a little post about it all. I'll try to set it out under subheadings so you don't have to read the uninteresting stuff ;)


So I started college over a month ago now. It's pretty awesome. Wayyy different to school, but in a good way. Although I'm not that social, I've made a few friends which is always good. So the social benefits of going to college are pretty awesome. For the first time in ages I actually enjoy chillin' with random people in my breaks, as opposed to having to hang around with people I don't really like. The only bad thing, from a social view, of college was a week or 2 when I was a bit depressed 'cause of stuff with my best friend/girl I like/ex, what ever you want to call her, was and still is a bit shitty. But I've given up now and I really can't be arsed to drag that up again as I'll just get upset D:

Anyway, on to lessons. I'm taking Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing and history. On the whole they're going pretty awesome :)

I have 10 Maths lessons a week, as opposed to 6, as I have to complete the whole A level in one year (normally done in 2) so I can do Further Maths next year. Its going pretty well. Just finished Core 1 and finishing Decision 1 then moving on to Core 2. Its all pretty easy so far and I'm enjoying it. I'm getting fairly good marks (except when i do my homework like, last minute :P)

Physics, again going good. I'm enjoying it most out of all my lessons and I'm getting good marks for most homework tasks although there is normally one or so question that trips me up, but it trips the whole class up normally. They tend to be the wordy questions though. The ones that involve calculations are easy :)

Computing, that's a different story. I hate it. The class moves at the slowest pace possible asking the stupidest questions possible whilst the teacher struggles to code. And there is me completing our so called 'tasks' in about 5mins. Normally I resort to playing around in flash but I can never be bothered to email files to myself which means I just do tests.

History, not much to say really. Enjoying it. The homework tasks are pretty bullshit though, like drawing a diagram, don't see how that's gonna help me pass. But meh. I like history as a whole :)


College has finally got me productive again. I think I've spent more time on flash in the past week than I had in the whole month previous. I have more projects on the go than ever and, more importantly, have loads close to completion/completion of the engine. Here is a full list of all my current projects:

1. Gravity orb V2

This one is my primary focus at the moment. It is a sequel to my game Gravity Orb V1.5 which i released a year ago in a week. It'll be nice if i can get 2.0 released on the same day, a year later but unlikely. The first one was released purely as a test and I was just playing about. I didn't expect it to do well, as it was just experiment, but it went down better than I expected so I decided to make the sequel.

The coding of the game is 100% done, the graphics 90% done and level design around 60%. So really, myself and Lochie(Night-Mare) just need to get in gear and do the levels and we can release it. That is, providing we can find a sponsor.

2. Miners Game

This game has been in production for quite a while now and some of you have probably played it. Its again, made with Lochie(Night-Mare) and all that is left is level design. Unfortunately, the levels take stupidly long to make and all that we have at the moment is the tutorial level but we're both determined to release this game.

The basic idea behind it, although the story is yet to be developed, is that you're a miner and you've gotta take down a bunch of terrorists and rescue fellow miners. Your only attacks are hitting them with your pick-axe and to blow them up with dynamite, whilst they shoot at you with bazookas and AK-47s ;) The main feature of the game is the destructible terrain, allowing you to dig with your pick-axe.

3. Game with Adman

This game is still very much in the early stages and I don't want to say too much about it. The idea and everything is Adman1993's - I'm just doing the coding. Although its a side project, I'm loving the ideas he's throwing up and it could go far. I'm currently working on this engine more or less as he send me the graphics for each bit.

4. Image editor

I think I've pretty much scrapped this now, but what the hell. The idea behind this is what the title says. A fully functioning image editor, with the features every basic image editor has, but purely in flash. I'm doing this completely by myself and I'm quite proud of the layout. The basics are there, I just need to find time to expand on it and add all the features I originally intended too.

5. Super Halloween

This is, to a certain extent, a follow up of Super Santa, my first ever game, but with a Halloween theme. I've also made some pretty big differences to the engine. Well, totally re-done it but with the same aim of the game. I've ditched the jetpack, fixed the lasers etc etc. I've still got a fair bit to do, mostly the AI and fixing bugs, and I can't see this being released before Halloween. Therefore I might have to ditch the Halloween theme and make it purely Super Santa 2. If you're interested in doing the art though then contact me and we can try and get it done before 25th, when I go away.

6. Flash in flash

Don't want to say too much about this. Its my project that has taken attention away from the image editor. I don't want to say too much about the details as its all a bit hush hush at the moment ;)


Unfortunately, yet again, I've destroyed Logicstudios. I was working towards an up loader and I got most of it down but I decided its best if I learnt AJAX and its now been sitting there for over a month with me not editing it in the slightest. I suppose I'll get round to learning AJAX soon and it'll start up again. But until then, its down and i'm just using it to host tests.

On the other hand, I've purchased UnknownFury.com and I'm currently working on that site (current progress in different areas shown on splash page). That's gonna be my new portfolio and maybe blog.

Thats all for now, I'm tired and can't be bothered to write anymore but I still have more to say so stay tuned. Leave comments consisting of love :)


Posted by UnknownFury - July 7th, 2008

Hey guys,

Just an update on all the stuff I'm working on. Currently I'm writing up some tutorials for the site, right this second. This shouldn't take too long and isn't really a major project of mine.

The second thing I'm doing is adding stuff to the site and finishing it off. The next thing I'm going to do is allow users to format their comments so they have more control. If you can think of other stuff around the site that needs doing then please, say so.

Thirdly, I'm working on some flash games. Mainly a "mining" game that I'm working on with Lochie. This is pretty much done and I'm just tweaking it now. The beta version will be released fairly soon for testing.

Next up, php game. This isn't something I've really started yet but some of you might remember "Battleforge". This is what I'm hoping to recreate yet bigger and better.

Finally, I'm experimenting with openGL and C++ to see what I can do. So far I have created some fairly cool stuff like a terrain generator which was fun to do. I'm also experimenting with sandy3D for 3D in flash.

All I can say is, thank god its summer

- UnknownFury

Lochie was here, 26th of July, 2008.

Posted by UnknownFury - January 10th, 2008

Hey guys,

Seeing as logicstudios.co.uk is coming down shortly in replace for my new site I thought I would offer the hosting I don't need to people who would put good use to it. That is why I am glad to say that if you are either an artist or a programmer you can now get your hands on some web space. Specifics:

- 50mb of space
- Up to 1GB bandwidth
- FTP upload
- Browser upload system
- 1 subdomain (e.g. username.logicstudios.co.uk)
- 2 email accounts (e.g. username@logicstudios.co.uk)
- 1 MySQL Database
- Support via forums
- No forced Ads.

Although there are no forced ads it would be highly appreciated if you placed our ads on your page to keep this hosting free and hopefully expand to provide better hosting to more people. When your page is set up it will have a page with the codes for advertisements on them. If you want a new colour scheme for the ads you can contact me, admin@logicstudios.co.uk, and I will sort it out for you.

If you need more details about these then you can email admin@logicstudios.co.uk or, preferably, reply to this news post. I can only offer around a few places, 5-10, for the web hosting. Because of this fact I am not going to simply offer hosting to the first person that applies, I'm going to do it based on who I think will make best use of the hosting.

NOTE: At this moment in time I cannot actually provide the hosting because my site isn't up yet, although it is coming along. (www.logicstudios.co.uk) When it is up the hosting will become avaiable and i will post more details. It is most probably that to get the hosting you have to be active on the forums for a week, for example.

Please give your opinons and suggestions :)


Posted by UnknownFury - October 25th, 2007

Dum de dum

Posted by UnknownFury - July 23rd, 2007

Working on 2 new games. The first is a game where you are a chess piece and it is a normal platformer untill you come across enemys but then you are challenged to cheese puzzles and the bosses are actual chess matches. But there are enenmys you have to fight also. Thats about it. This is around 25% complete.

The second is a normal platformer where you are a peasent. This is just about done now. 100% coded. 90% Graphics. Just need some level designs. If you want to help out with them then contact me or reply to this post.